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e-Muster, Measurement Systems (eMMS)

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    e - MUSTER

    E-Muster system is going to addressing above mentioned possible problems in NREGA implementation with following utilities. “Field Assistant -Mobile Muster” makes muster live and muster will be closed immediately after the work starts.

    e - Measurement with GPS Coordinates

    “TA – Measurement” Module will help Tech Assistant to foreword measurements LIVE along with GPS coordinates ensuring perfect measurements.

    e - Check Measurement

    The check Measurement officer will receive measurement details using GPRS network to his mobile phone for verification. The check measurement reports & GPS coordinates will be sent directly to stage server.

    e - Check Muster

    Muster verification details will be sent to the server along with GPS coordinates of Verification report.

    Pay order integration

    Muster details and measurement details are integrated at the mandal computer centers to enable immediate pay order generation ensuring quick payment to the wage seeker.

    emuster WORK FLOW OF E - MUSTER
    Work flow of e - Muster involves the following steps

    1. Application Distribution
    Bluetooth Wireless distribution at MCC

    2. Application having the following content
    Job Card ID

    3. Updation of contents to Application happens through
    Advanced SMSML
    Blue casting

    4. Data transfer from muster application to server via GPRS/SMS with the following information
    Date & Time
    GPS coordinates

    5. Generation of random Verification list
    6. Mobile Based e- Measurement Generated with following information

    Work ID gprs-signal-architexture
    Muster Sheet Number
    Pit number
    GPS coordinates

    7. e- Check Measurement will provide Check Measurement officer with live Information of M-Book for that Work location with details for him to check.

    GPS Coordinates
    Verified Muster Report


    If GPRS Signals are available then the data gets transferred in the following way.

    gsm-signal-architexture Radio Signals Architecture:

    If GSM signals are also not available then the data is transferred using Radio signals at MCC centers.

    radio-signals-architecture E - MUSTER System Benefits
    1. LIVE muster Reporting
    2. Enforcing Work timings
    3. Enforce Group Management (Mate & Fixed)
    4. Closing Muster as per the scheduled time
    5. Creating Room for Verification officer to cross check with muster report
    6. Muster Verification with Biometric and GPS
    7. Verification with GEO FENCING
    8. Auto Escalations with SMS Alerts
    9. Doesn't need to re-type muster at mandal computer office
    10. Low cost solution to Indian Market
    11. AE doesn't need to wait for TA physical report
    12. Reducing delays in Payments
    13. Reducing Data Entry Job to save time and money
    14. Improving VRP communication

    “e - Muster" is a Mobile phone based application to transfer muster information live from the work location to stage server every day when the work starts with Work ID, Job card ID and attendance details of wage seekers from work location.


    Mobile e-Muster will ensure that the attendance details from all work locations are logged live every day this will help in generating live muster reports and log live data regarding various works happening that day and the number of wage seekers working with details of the muster.

    e-muster-report1 E - MUSTER Web Reports e-muster-web-reports ABOUT E – CHECK MUSTER

    E-Check Muster will help in proper monitoring of muster at the work location by the monitoring authorities and receive muster verification reports live from muster verification officers with GPS coordinates from the work location.


    With the help of e-Muster reports generated by the FA the Verification officer will receive Muster information for the work location that they are to Check muster these muster reports are checked by the verification officers and approved along with GPS coordinates of the work location to ensure foolproof monitoring system.


    The Technical Assistants will receive Muster details in order to take the measurements for the muster ids and send the measurement details live to the stage server along with the GPS coordinates of the measurement pits.


    Technical Assistant will record the measurements pit wise and after completion of taking measurements he will take the GPS coordinates to submit the measurement details in the stage server this ensures that the measurements are work site coordinates helps in identifying pinpointing the measurement location.


    The TA records the measurements from the work location and sends the reports through the mobile e-muster these readings are sent to the AE for Check Measurement purpose.

    e-measurment2 e – MEASUREMENT WEB REPORTS e-measurment-web-report About E – CHECK MEASUREMENT

    The check measurement officer will receive the measurements taken by the Technical assistant for checking and his check reports are also recorded along with GPS coordinates.


    The Technical Assistants reports are received by the AE to randomly check the measurements taken by the TA and the check reports are attached to GPS coordinates for sending to server and for pay order generation.

    e-check-measurment1 E – CHECK MEASUREMENT Web Reports e-check-measurment-web-report ABOUT PAY ORDER INTIGRATION

    The E-Muster reports are logged in the stage server and all reports are updated at the Mandal computer center to the NREG server to generate pay orders and payments are made, e – muster completes the cycle from Muster generation to pay order generation.

    pay-order-generation PAY ORDER GENERATION Web Reports pay-order-generation-web-report ABOUT WEB INTEGRATION

    All the information from mobile applications will be transferred to the stage server, After Mandal computer operators verification data will be directly transferred to NREGA Server without re-typing.

    web-integration WEB REPORTS VIEWING web-reports Exception Alerts & Auto Escalations

    Exception and escalation alerts are generated when ever there any differences in the verification reports, reports not sent in time, if action not taken then it will be auto escalated to the next level.

    web-integration1 TYPES OF EXCEPTION ALERTS

    Mobile Muster Exception Alerts: Exceptions arise if muster not reported as per schedule

    Mobile Muster Verification Alerts: Exceptions arise if no updates on verification within 24 Hrs
    If GPRS coordinated not matching
    If difference in Actual Muster and verification Report

    Mobile Measurement Alerts: Exceptions arise if measurements are not reported as per Schedule.
    If GPRS coordinates are not matching

    Check Measurement Alerts: Exceptions arise if reports are not updated in time within 24 Hrs
    If GPS coordinates not matching
    If there is difference in measurements