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  • MGNREGA Mobile Application Features
    1. Mobile phone based real time solution to track completed / in progress work
    2. The programme officer initiates the work by capturing the site image, GPS coordinates and date and time from satellite.
    3. Get the work done by unskilled manual work force
    4. Upon completion of a milestone, capture GPS coordinates and photo of site
    5. Captures the date & time for both initiating and completion task
    6. This application does not require SIM card
    7. Application display database in Kannada language
    8. Server side can populate captured GPS coordinates data on Google map or other digital maps.
    9. Visit nearest taluk panchayath office and download the data from mobile instrument to Local PC
    10. Upload the data from PC to the central server
    11. Report generation
    Proposed Solution proposed-solution
    1. Initially Program officer captures the GPS coordinates, in the camera cum GPS unit and fills in required data in mobile instrument.
    2. Total 2 Images, 2 Timestamps are captured in Database.
    3. The device is then connected to the taluk panchayath local computer and database is downloaded to the computer.
    4. From Taluk Panchayath, the database is uploaded to the central server in ZP office through Internet
    product-framework Proposed Solution
    1. Symbian S60 3rd Edition based Mobile Phone Application.
    2. Uses dedicated Server
    3. Registration of the Mobile instrument
    4. Application in Kannada Language
    5. Duplicate Entries taken care by Application Software.
    6. Message Format to Ensure Error correction.
    7. Messages are Secured by encryption.
    8. Messages are Digitally Signed for Identity (Optional)

    Theft Management taken care as the data can be deleted remotely (if SIM in mobile instrument is activated).


    Following reports can be generated

    1. Panchayath based
    2. Village basde
    3. Card holder based
    4. Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reports
    5. Completed/pending work reports
    6. Date & time of starting & completion work report